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Campaign Filings

The information is reported to the Sunnyvale City Clerk at specified times by using standard forms and guidelines published by the California State Fair Political Practices Commission. The completed forms filed by candidates are available at City Hall from the Sunnyvale City Clerks Office and are posted here as well. The most common form is a Form 460.Candidates and organizations that raise or spend over $1,000 in an election are required to disclose campaign contributors and their addresses and occupations for any contribution over $100. The same requirement covers loans and payments too. The reporting happens at least twice a year, but more in election years (such as 2007 and 2009) especially closer to the election. Click on the buttons to the left to view the various reports and see exactly what each candidate has received.

For each candidate, we also have summarized the largest special interest contributions. As you will see, some have taken significant sums from developers, unions, corporations, lobbyists and political action committees. For those candidates that have chosen to avoid this money, we give them the Special Interest Watch gold star. Consider the gold star a sign of the candidate who we believe will be independent and will act in the best interests of the residents of Sunnyvale.

In order to view the documents presented here, you will need the free Adobe Reader, available on Adobe's website. Some reports are lengthy and may take time to download, so please be patient.

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