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Sunnyvale City Employee Salaries

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By law, public agencies in California have for years been required to release the salary and benefits paid to each employee identified by employee position. In 2007, the California Supreme Court ruled that all public agencies in California must release salary data providing the name, position, and the salary and benefits paid to each employee. This information is available to any member of the public who officially requests it through the California Public Records Act. For more information, see the article from the San Jose Mercury News.

Even though by State law Sunnyvale has been required to release salary information, for years the former City Manager and current City Attorney both repeatidly refused to comply with the law and provide the public with this information. Even our own City Council in 2006 refused to act when the public requested this information even though again, State Law required the release of the data. Only after the citizens elected David Whittum to the Sunnyvale City Council in 2007 did the City finally comply with the law and release data from 2003 through 2007. However, the City then demanded a $420 payment to compile the information which then Councilmember Whittum finally paid for out of his own pocket. The City now releases salary data to whomever requests it.

Here you will find lists of exactly what Sunnyvale pays for each of employees for 2003 through 2017. Click on the above links to see employee salaries for the given year ordered by total compensation in descending order. By clicking on the column heading, the data can be reordered in either ascending or descending order by name, position, compensation, or benefits paid. There is also an Advanced Salary Search Page where one can request more detailed salary statistics. Some updated interesting facts regarding salaries using the 2011 data can be found here.

The salaries and benefits listed here include health insurance, vacation, sick days, etc. City employees that retire after age 50 with five years service receive full paid health benefits for the them and their spouse for the rest of their life. This includes your City Councilmembers too (something we beleive needs to change)! Note that the benefits listed here do not include the total cost of these lifetime medical benefits, which the City continues to pay even after the employee retires.

(Download all years data in an Excel file here)

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